🆇 ⚠️ This website will retire soon. The data will remain accessible at this same address, but it will become a spreadsheet instead of this current website, as I don't have the time or will to maintain or improve this. You can reach me on Mastodon or Twitter if need be.

What is YATTDB?

YATTDB is a project that originated from the (awesome) users of the French table tennis forums on tennis-de-table.com

The initial objective was to share actual table tennis blades dimensions. Of course, all table tennis brands communicate on expected dimensions for their blades, but for a same reference, dimensions may vary a bit, and sometimes a lot. Also, brands often communicate on the blades weights, but not so much about other important characteristics such as the head size or blade thickness, which also matter a lot.

Initially, this project was merely reflecting the measures sent by users on this particular topic of tennis-de-table.com However, I believe it's now time to make this a much bigger initiative, and to allow table tennis players from all around the globe to gather what they've measured. That's why I'm currently working on allowing users to add themselves new measures to the database, and also working on adding rubber dimensions and weights.

I'm working on this project on my spare time but I'll do my best to make this useful for the community. If you have any suggestion, feel free to reach me on twitter or on table tennis forums, I'm known as PierreAd on all those:

Happy TT!